ZF 6057 008 011 EST117 24V Controller Computer Board 6057008011 6009054631 For wheel laoder parts 860118931


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Transmission 6WG200 Control Unit ECU 6009054631 6057 008 011 with genuine qualit

Spare parts for all below of models of Wheel loader ,Excavator, Backhoe ,Road roller and Grader.

Modle: LG916;LG918 LG920;LG933L L933 ;LG936L L936F;LG938L.L938F.LG952;LG952H;LG952L;

LG953; LG953L;LG953V;LG956L;LG956V.LG958,LG959,LG968V;LG978 L953F LG956F L958F L968F etc.

Excavator LG6210E ,LG6225E ,LG6300E ,LG6360E etc spare parts. Engine parts. Bucket teeth ,pump etc

Motor grader G9190.for Dachai engine parts.

Road Roller: RS8140 RS8160 Etc all roller spare parts

Backhoe Loader :B877 ,B876 ,LGB680 etc spare aprts.

Engine parts for WD10G220E223 WP6G125E22 YC4D80-T20 BF6M2012 BF6M1013-21 Shangchai C6121

Transmission : LG918 LG933 BS428 transmission ,LG936 ZL50 Transmission .LG938 YD13 Transmission.LG956 BX50 ,LG958 LG968 4WG180 .
4WG200 gearbox.

Axle spare parts for LG918 LG933,LG936 ,LG938 ,LG952 ,LG953 ,LG956,LG958 ,LG968 etc.

Hydraulic system ,repair kit for boom cylinder, steering cylinder./Cylinder assy etc

Working pump – Pump GHS for LG958,LG968 ,

CBGJ3100/0010 /CBGJ2080/2040/CBGJ3100/0010-YF/CBGJ2063/0016-YF/CBGK
/P7600/CBG2100/CBG3166/CBGJ3166L/JHP3160L/JHP2A100L/CBGJ2040/CBGJ3100 etc



TIANJIN XIAO HANG Co.,Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales of gearbox assembly and gearbox parts.Our company was founded in TIANJIN, China, and has been specialized the truck gearboxes in Chinese offline market for long  years .We proudly serve as the authorized distributor of Hangzhou Advance Transmission Company and ZF group.Comprehensive product range caters to a wide variety of equipment, including wheel loaders, motor graders, and road rollers, manufactured by renowned brands such as XGMC, TGT, xgma company was set up in Tianjin ,.We have fostered long-term relationships with numerous dealers and users across Africa, the Middle East Middle/South America, and other regions. It is a professional international trade sales team was born in TIANJIN. WE are focusing on creating high quality, high technology and high gearboxes and its parts.






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