ZF 4WG200 4644 024 228 transmission SDLG wheel loader 968 gearbox parts POWER TAKE-OFF 4644 155

1 7200001668 取力器轴Z=384644311196 SHAFT Z=384644311196 Y 1
2 7200001682 主动齿轮(Z=74)4644311118 DRIVEN GEAR (Z=74)4644311118 Y 1
3 7200001678 挡圈(SW47)0630513068 RETAINING RING (SW47)0630513068 Y 1
4 7200001679 滚针轴承0635303104 NEEDLE BEARING 0635303104 Y 1
5 7200001680 挡圈(SB52)0630513016 RETAINING RING (SB52)0630513016 Y 1
6 7200001669 球轴承0750116259 BALL BEARING 0750116259 Y 1
7 7200001670 挡圈(SP85)0630503011 RETAINING RING (SP85)0630503011 Y 2
8 7200001671 卡环(451.75)0630501033 CLASP (451.75)0630501033 Y 1
9 7200001684 盖4644311121 COVER 4644311121 Y 1
10 7200001685 密封圈4644311209 SEALING RING 4644311209 Y 1
11 7200001686 六角螺钉(M816)0636015278 SCREW (M816)0636015278 Y 8
12 7200001687 软管0750147048 TUBE 0750147048 Y 1
13 7200001688 喷管4642211001 NOZZLE 4642211001 Y 1
14 7200001689 空心螺钉(10)0637835515 SCREW (10)0637835515 Y 1
15 7200001690 密封圈(A1420)0634801151 SEALING RING (A1420)0634801151 Y 4

2.What is our advantage of supplying the spare parts:


Our parts range cover Wheel Loader I Excavators I Road Roller I Backhoe Loader I Grader I other equipment.

We are the authorized distributor of ZF and the Hangzhou ADVANCE transmission Group. In China, We are the only distributor authorized by both companies

Competitive Price

We established long term cooperation relationship with original Components Factories, lower the middle-distribution-stage cost, and will save cost for each of dealers and users.

 “3Q SERVICE”-Quick Reply, Quick Quote and Quick Delivery

With experienced parts and service engineers and efficient ERP system, we aim at offering “3Q SERVICE” for our customers, -Quick Reply, Quick Quote, and Quick Delivery

With reliable parts and perfect service, we have established long term relationship with a lot of dealers and users, such as those from Africa, Middle-East, Southeast Asia, Middle/South America, Russia , and help our clients to create more value, with lower cost.

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