7200001460 4644330228 WASHER 4644330228 Best price from China

Best ZF Transmission parts Suppiler

Tianjin Linkworld Trading Co. Ltd (Tianjin Xiaohang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.) is the most professional distributor of Hangzhou Advance transmission Company and Liuzhou ZF transmission Company.
We supply construction machinery transmission and provide after-sale services at the same time. Our products are widely used to wheel loaders, Motor Graders and road rollers which are manufactured by XGMC, TGT, XGMA, Changlin and SEM.
Original Spare Parts for XCMG SDLG XGMA LIUGONG LONKING ZF Transmission can be offered in competitive price.

What is our advantage of supplying the spare parts:


Our parts range cover Wheel Loader I Excavators I Road Roller I Backhoe Loader I Grader I other equipment.

We are the authorized distributor of ZF and the Hangzhou ADVANCE transmission Group. In China, We are the only distributor authorized by both companies

Competitive Price

We established long term cooperation relationship with original Components Factories, lower the middle-distribution-stage cost, and will save cost for each of dealers and users.

 “3Q SERVICE”-Quick Reply, Quick Quote and Quick Delivery

With experienced parts and service engineers and efficient ERP system, we aim at offering “3Q SERVICE” for our customers, -Quick Reply, Quick Quote, and Quick Delivery

With reliable parts and perfect service, we have established long term relationship with a lot of dealers and users, such as those from Africa, Middle-East, Southeast Asia, Middle/South America, Russia , and help our clients to create more value, with lower cost.

1 4110000042107 连接壳体4644 330 385 CONN. HOUSING 4644 330 385 Y 1
2 7200001454 六角螺钉(M1050)0636010460 SCREW (M1050)0636010460 Y 14
3 4110000042124 张紧销钉0631 329 100 SPANNSTIFT 0631 329 100 Y 2
4 7200001456 张紧销钉0631329072 PIN 0631329072 Y 2
5 7200001457 盖4139301485 COVER 4139301485 Y 1
6 7200001458 膜片4644330239 DIAPHRAGN 4644330239 Y 2
7 4110000042109 六角头螺钉9636 016 221 HEXAGON SCREW 9636 016 221 Y 4
8 7200001460 垫圈4644330228 WASHER 4644330228 Y 1
9 7200001461 垫圈(13)0630001049 WASHER (13)0630001049 Y 4
10 7200001462 垫圈4166330123 WASHER 4166330123 Y 1
11 7200001463 O形圈(25×3)0634313260 O-RING (25×3)0634313260 Y 1
12 7200001464 卡环(30×1.2)0630502015 CLASP (30×1.2)0630502015 Y 1
13 7200001465 盖4644330242 COVER 4644330242 Y 1
14 7200001466 六角螺钉(M10x12)0636015169 SCREW (M10x12)0636015169 Y 4
15 4110000042125 中间环4644 330 222 INTERM. RING 4644 330 222 Y 1
16 7200001468 螺钉(M12x30)0636900127 SCREW (M12x30)0636900127 Y 12

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