4WG180 4WG200 Transmission Parts 0750 132 143 Gear Pump For Wheel Loader parts

4110000970118FAN PULLY4120000084AIR DYR ST-50G
4130000427BATTERY SWITCH4110001149FAN 
4043000015PIN 4110000556085THERMOSTAT
4110000592003SOLENOID VALVE4110000907067CLAMP
4120000601103SEALING RING KIT4120001739009CYLINDER PLATE
4120001739016BREAK PAD4120000675BREAK BOOSTER
4120001795BREAK VALVE29070000081WHEEL NUTS
29160000021BUCKET BUSH4110001841032EGR COOLER
4120001969HYDRALIC PUMP4120001054001RELIF VALUE
61560030033SHELL PIN12160519CONNECTING ROD 
612600100138 FAN BRACKET612630010015LINER
612600040355HEAD GASKET612600040113VALVE GUIDE
612600040114HEAD OIL SEAL61560040057HEADWALL SEAT
81500010125THRUST WASHER81500010046MAIN BEARING
4644 351 049AXLE4466 351 081SEALING CAP
4466 351 081SEALING CAP4642 331 056PRALLBLECH
4642 331 216GASKET4644 231 086OIL DIPSTICK
4644 252 099DISC CARRIER4644 351 070PISTON
4466 351 081COVER4644 308 266WASHER
750131027FILTER4644 308 265THUSH WASHER

2.What is our advantage of supplying the spare parts:


Our parts range cover Wheel Loader I Excavators I Road Roller I Backhoe Loader I Grader I other equipment.

We are the authorized distributor of ZF and the Hangzhou ADVANCE transmission Group. In China, We are the only distributor authorized by both companies

Competitive Price

We established long term cooperation relationship with original Components Factories, lower the middle-distribution-stage cost, and will save cost for each of dealers and users.

 “3Q SERVICE”-Quick Reply, Quick Quote and Quick Delivery

With experienced parts and service engineers and efficient ERP system, we aim at offering “3Q SERVICE” for our customers, -Quick Reply, Quick Quote, and Quick Delivery

With reliable parts and perfect service, we have established long term relationship with a lot of dealers and users, such as those from Africa, Middle-East, Southeast Asia, Middle/South America, Russia , and help our clients to create more value, with lower cost.

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